Discover Any Unseen Problems in Your Home

Schedule a mold inspection in Canton, OH

If your home has suffered from water damage or plumbing leaks, you need to schedule a mold inspection. Final Check Home Inspections offers mold inspections to check the quality of your home’s indoor air. It’s the best way to confirm or rule out the presence of any mold that needs to be mitigated. Another purpose of the inspection is to determine the source of any moisture.

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3 signs you might have mold growing in your home

While water problems don’t always indicate the presence of mold, it’s certainly an indicator of a potential problem. Here are other signs you may have mold issues:

  1. You’re experiencing allergic reactions, including a runny nose or sneezing
  2. You notice a musty smell
  3. You see a lot of condensation and moisture in your home

Don’t wait until you see mold to start tackling the problem. Schedule a mold inspection to find out if there is mold in places you can’t see.