Are Insects Eating the Wood Within Your Walls?

Schedule a termite inspection in Canton, OH

If you suspect there might be termites in your home, schedule a termite inspection from Final Check Home Inspections. Our home inspector will give your property a thorough visual inspection to identify any evidence of a termite infestation. We’ll look everywhere, from the soil to the surface of your walls and the framing and foundation. If any termites are found, we’ll recommend a local, certified company to eliminate the problem. Call 330-312-5432 today to make sure your home is free of termites.

3 signs you need to schedule a termite inspection

Unfortunately, by the time you see termites, plenty of damage may already be done. However, there are signs you can look for to let you know you need a termite inspection, including:

  1. Wings that have been shed as termites leave the colony
  2. Mud tunnels at the foundation level of your home
  3. Signs of wood damage on your walls or floors

Contact Final Check Home Inspections for a reliable termite inspection at your home.

Wood Destroying Insects


These home invaders serve a purpose in nature. They digest wood and other cellulose material, breaking down rotted trees and vegetation.

That's great - until the cellulose they are consuming is part of your home. If you suspect you may have termites in your home or simply want to have peace of mind that termites are not inside your house, then a termite inspection may be what you need.

It's important to protect your home from termites as they cause billions in damage annually. Early detection can reduce the cost of repairs should termites strike. Call today to set up an appointment for an inspection. We are licensed in the state of Ohio to perform a state approved test to determine the presence of termites on your property. LICENSE #138386