Make Sure Your Home’s Water Supply is Safe

Schedule a well inspection in Canton, OH

When you’re purchasing a home with a well, you need to know that the water delivered from it will be clear and healthful. Final Check Home Inspections offers well and well water inspections you can rely on. We will test all your well components, including:
  1. The pump
  2. The pressure tank
  3. The well house

We’ll also send a sample of the water to a lab for testing. Call 330-312-5432 today to make sure your water is safe to drink.

We will function-test the system’s components

First Check Home Inspections will make sure your system is working properly. We’ll test all the controls and components, while also keeping an eye out for any water staining, odors or other problems. After completing the full inspection, you’ll receive a full report with our findings.

Learn more about well inspections by contacting Final Check Home Inspections in Canton, OH today.